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    Karlheinz Zuerl

    In Production in general, we established steps to lead to 0 defects at customers ( out of box OOB, and at Field), for example:
    First, you need to make sure that new CAD design and each modification is made for manufacturability, assembly and cost-based design.
    5S Red card labelling. Every morning at plant tour of the shop floor, a marked area with red labelled products is checked by management and decided what to do.
    – Regular daily kaizen report. We use an Asaichi meeting in the morning after plant tour. Reports are filled in by department and presented to management team.
    – Structured A3 Report is a tool for root-cause analysis. We place all reports on Asaichi meeting boards for review.
    – We evaluated TOP kaizen employees and award them. They can present their show cases, before and after implementation, at townhall meetings.
    – One of our main internal problems was embodied by lead-wire damage defects. So, we established a list of weak points with background, key process defect cause, potential quality risks and kaizen injection, actions and follow-up with the owner, and due date.
    – Statistical Process Control SPC charts. We used SPC charts to determine if an improvement is actually improving a process. With control charts we see the results of a stable, controlled process because the variation is predictable.
    – Validating two following measurement systems for problem-solving. Depends on customer requirements, what they want to get according to their approval system.

    Gage RR (Six Sigma concept): A gage R&R has two operators measure 10 parts two times. Through this we obtain a percentage of how much your measurement process (repeatability + reproducibility) contributes to your total variation (10% is good).
    ISOPLOT (Shainin concept): An Isoplot is used to compare the relative size of the process and measurement system families of variation. In its simplest form, 30 units are selected, and each unit is measured twice.
    Please see details about our two authors at https://gtec.asia/experts-in-industry/

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